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  • Vivekanand College is approved by Govt. of Rajasthan and affiliated to Rajasthan Ayurved University.
    Vivekanand College is directed by young, dynamic and result oriented Technocrats and Industrialists.
  • Vivekanand College has a world class infrastructure. Exclusive college having complete infrastructure furnished by Italian Granite.
  • Vivekanand College stresses heavily on imparting value added education including  personality development programs, communication skill programs etc.
  • Vivekanand College uses advanced teaching aids like the power point presentations for lectures, online notes, study materials, tests etc.


To emerge as the most versatile institution promoting quality education in the field of Natural Medicine and Yoga with adaptability to Changing trends of Health Care system.


  • To provide a curriculum emphasizing on rigorous academic standards.
  • Create and sustain a personalized environment to support student’s intellectual, ethical, social and Physical development.
  • Facilitate hands on experience of learning and applying knowledge and skill through extended projects connecting disciplines and curriculum reinforcing essential and important concept.
We at Vivekanand Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College believe that nature is the best healer and Naturopathy or Nature cure is the adoption of Nature's own tool, the five great elements- Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space-to cure the diseases that afflict the mankind.
In ancient days Indian sages used to practice yoga to strengthen body physically and mentally. They use different Kriyas such as Neti, Kunjal, Kapalbathi, Shank-Prakshalana and practiced Pranayama for purification of the body to help in eliminating toxic accumulation from the body. It is high time to think and question oneself as to why these health problems are increasing day by day in spite of great advancements in medical science, medicine and mordern technology. People due to lack of time in their busy run of life, in search of quick and temporary relief are attracted towards.

Rajasthan Budget Session Feb-2013: Click here

Yoga and Naturopathy Research and Hospitals have been opened  in each district of Rajasthan state.
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